How to setup and register Axcel
Open a Database with Axcel
Scramble with data in Axcel
Filter Data in a Table
Axcel Format Database

Axcel is a general program for managing and controlling information that can be used in many ways

In the first phase of this software, it tries to work more easily with the Access database and benefits from Excel and Access simultaneously.

Some of the features of this phase are as follows :

1- Work on multiple Access files simultaneously.

2- Multiple users simultaneous access to a database on the network.

3- Quickly filter and search the data.

4- No need to design an interface for each database separately.You just need to design the structure of the database and Axcel will automatically create and edit data forms.

5- The percentage of data entry errors is minimized through the internal validation of Excel.

6- With a minimum of facilities, you can have a networked database with different access levels for multiple users.

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